#DeliveryDigiorno is a Game Changer

I’m a Pizza Lover

I am one of those people who love to eat pizza. I could eat it every day if I let myself. I spent most of this pandemic trying out new pizza place, trying different bake it yourself brands, and even bought myself a pizza oven to learn how to make my own pizza.

My Gut Reaction to #DelivieryDigiorno

When I first initially saw this I was a little thrown off, Digirno doesn’t deliver even there saying is “It’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno”. But looking at it more I was like this is a great idea. October is National Pizza Month and I’m sure if your a twitter user you would know about it, so being in a pandemic knowing everyone is ordering their food and not really trying to go to the grocery store how would Digiorno promote there brand.

Barstool Pizza Review - DiGiorno Pizza - YouTube

Their Business Goal

Knowing how the pandemic is affecting the way people use to live their daily lives, Digiorno thought outside the box to gain some attention. Delivering their pizza to twitter users who are participating in their campagin in the interest of getting a free pizza. It created a buzz around National Pizza Month assocating it to #DeliveryDigorino even though they don’t normally deliver pizza it was a fun way to get people talking about there brand and even gain some new customers willing to try it.

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