Now I want to #VisitBClater

I Love to Travel

I am one of those individuals who loves to travel and explore new places. 2020 has made those who value travel like myself, very ready for when it is safe to go places again. I have been using free time that I have to plan potential vacations that I will most likely not be able to go on. When I first saw the Hello BC #VisitBClater campaign, I instantly wanted to plan a trip to go there.

First Reaction to #VisitBClater

It does not take me much to want to visit a destination. In their posts I loves all of the nature that they highlighted, and how they wanted you to stay home and be safe even though their industry is hurting. That shows that they care about us as people, and not just pawns to bring in revenue. If I had gone there is the past, I would have loved to post my own photos and participate in the hashtag. This would be user generated content for the company and I would reminisce in my own memories.

Joffre Lakes - British Columbia, Canada - Travel photograp… | Flickr

Their Business Goal

By doing this campaign, Hello BC was trying gain potential customers. They know that when it is safe to travel, many will want to get away as soon as possible. By creating this campaign, they were creating a business goal to make people aware that British Columbia is a great place to have that vacation. Those individuals who participated in the content are going to remember the campaign when booking their post pandemic trip.

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