Do you need Creativity?

For me personally, I don’t think you need to be too overly creative in Data Studio as creativity can be a good thing but in this case I feel like it can just be confusing and misleading at times. When you reading charts, graphs, comparisons and you aren’t too familiar with a category, you don’t want to be navigating through the most complicated website to find what you need. The viewers and users that are using Data Studio I feel would find it easier and more useful if you keep it simple for the viewer. Data studio is very useful for a lot of things but I would say you would need to be more organized than creative.

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One way you can attract viewers is by the graphs, charts and type of information and data you provide. Making your set of data visually attractive is one way of bringing in new viewers or users. Bringing in vibrant colors that are inviting or using certain tactics to get users to stay. One interesting tactic you can use from data studio is adding interactive chart filters as this provides a digital background for the charts or graphs and allows the user to get a better visual understanding of the data source. Data studio will be good to keep data, clicks and amount of users organized and give a better understanding of what people are looking at and for.

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