Event Goals and Google

Why put emphasis on events?

Quite simply, versatility is what causes Google Analytics to use the event goal in order to capture the non-pageview things that we might be interested in on a certain website. The biggest difference between events and goals is that events can happen multiple times per session whereas goals only happen on the first occurrence. Through event value, this allows us to pull full dynamic information off the page. In Project Digital, things like this would be helpful for us to track the events that people are interacting with on the page, like how long they engaged in a session or if they possibly shared a blog, based on the set goal we are looking to complete.

Reports of Event Goals

Using acquisition reports we are able to look at values such as what channels the audience is coming from, and how they have interacted with the page. Based on the set goals, it will funnel the information automatically for us to see exactly the values and conversion rates that have been created and completed by the audience members. Obviously with event data like this, we will use Google Tag Manager to create the most versatile solution to add the events to Project Digital. It all comes full circle.


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