SEO At The Top

I’ve always wondered how Google decides which website gets to pop up first after someone searches something. Do, talks a lot about doing key word research to find key words that will make people click on a website. The purpose of these key words are to narrow your search down to ensure the best websites pop up at the top for the user. You want your website to have the best SEO because thats how you attract more views for your website. Essentially, Google just wants to provide the best website options based on what someone searches.

Getting to The Top

However, if you’re trying to obtain the number one spot on a google search, it will require a lot of SEO improvement and tweaking. Do, shows an example of how to look for seed words within a website and talks about how each consumer are in different stages of product research. He says how the closer a consumer is to buying a product, the more specific their keywords and research will be. But, the less a consumer knows about a product, the broader their search will be and the keywords will be more general. In addition, Do discusses how looking into Reddit forums and other platforms allow you to see what certain consumers are saying about a product and if there is anything to learn from what they are saying. By doing this, you’re constantly trying to adapt your product and keep it relevant, so you can hopefully reach the number one spot on google and stay there.

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