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Here at Wegmans we try to support the LGBTQ community, as in recent years we haven’t shown the support that we have wanted to. Wegmans would really like to help the city of Rochester as we are offering an option for customers that allows them to buy a bag that will result in a meal donated. The meal donated will go to the LBGTQ Homeless youth in Rochester. This is a very important cause for the city of Rochester as there is a large amount of homeless youths that are apart of the community. This shows that Wegmans wants to bridge the gap and give back, this is extremely helpful to the city of Rochester. Instead of there being chaos, with everything going on between the protest and COVID 19 I think it is really important that Wegmans is showing that they care. Wegmans wants to set the standard of equality when you step in the door, as that is a huge part of who they are a s a company. Equality is very important and is something that should not be taken lightly, Wegmans would like to ensure that people feel as welcome as possible when they come inside.

Pride Bags

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With a pride theme options for reusable bags at Wegmans, we feel as if we have created something special. We created 4 different varieties of bags that any customer will have the option to buy. All of these bags have some type of pride related theme to help show the support of the LBGTQ community when people are shopping. To entice more people to buy these bags we created an offer when people buy the bag. The bags start out being 5$ with other donations accepted and the money will go directly to the LBGTQ community that is having difficulty finding homes for their youth. Another great way to donate is by directly donating here or help out here.

This shows the Center for Youth Shelter


This shows more the facts and statistics of the homelessness of the youth, in Rochester especially.

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Here at Wegmans we believe in equality and want the best from all of our customers. We want people to feel as welcome as possible when walking into our doors. Doing a fundraiser for the LBGTQ community is a great way for Wegmans to show initiative to this cause. Getting behind the cause before it becomes more of a problem is also very important. Giving meals to the homeless community members of the LBGTQ is a very important cause, especially when opening up the fundraising to all of their customers.

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