Is Email Marketing Truly Dead?

The Death of Email Marketing Email Marketing used to be a prosperous way to get information out to many people with no problem. Nowadays people are getting hundreds of emails from different companies a day, and it gets overwhelming. This has started the process of email rollups allowing people who receive large amounts of email […]

#1 on Google

I think it is very possible to be number one on google. If you follow the steps laid out in the video it is very easy to pin point certain key words. Doing searches of competitors is a great way to see what they have highlighted. Looking on reddit, google and amazon makes it really […]

Form Vs Function

When thinking about creating a webpage or a landing page it is very important to keep form and function in mind. Both of these are very important to having a successful page as typically they go hand and hand with each other. The function of the page is important because you need to make sure […]