Form and Function

The need for digital marketing is greater now than ever, with technology hitting new highs after the close of the first decade in the 21st century. We now have every day access to personal laptops, tablets, and cell phones unlike 10 years ago, so accesibility is an all time ease. This is where form and function come into play. Now that your average consumer has unlimited access to buy or play anything they want from the comfort of their home, business models need to increase their competition to grab the consumers attention before their competitors do. Creating a versatile form and function in a website is key to making a successful business model and retaining repeat customers.

The form is the layout of the website, which is what attracts the customer’s eye, so it is crucial for it to be easy to use, understand, and navigate. This is the behind-the-scenes, but it also dictates the impression given to the customer of the business. If the form is simple, has attractive colors and headers, it will be a positive experience and they will be likely to come back. But if the form has unappealing headlines in nonsensical places then it will give a negative impression of the business.

The function focuses on how easy it is for a user to navigate. If a shopper wants to be able to search by size or color, there should be an option to do so. If no such option exists, it may lead the user to leave the website and go to another competitor’s site. From an online shoppers’ view, the function is valued more because it is the side of the interface that they see and that dictates their experience of shopping for a specific product or service.

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