Is Email Marketing Dead?

What is Email Marketing? Email Marketing is when a company or business sends a commercial message via email to current or prospective customers. The emails can be used to include an advertisement, a request for business, to request donations, or solicit sales. How does a Company Utilize Effective and Ethical Email Marketing? The first step […]

Why I Clicked

How They Got My Attention There I was, middle of summer 2020, hanging out with my golf friends, one of whom absolutely LOVES the clothing brand Vineyard Vines. It’s all he wears on the golf course and all he talks about off. It was after we had played, gotten dinner out, and relaxed on the […]

Form and Function

The need for digital marketing is greater now than ever, with technology hitting new highs after the close of the first decade in the 21st century. We now have every day access to personal laptops, tablets, and cell phones unlike 10 years ago, so accesibility is an all time ease. This is where form and […]