Should Online Shoppers Value Form over Function?

It is common for Online Shoppers to get overly intrigued by adding an abundant amount of information or utilities on to one single website page, resulting in an overly cramped up page that is both hard for the visitor to read or find what piece of information that is important to them.

There is one habit that I have noticed about myself when I am browsing through different websites: I tend to ignore the functions/information that is on the websites and instead focusing on the form of the webpage first.

In another word, I will first review the overall “clarity” and layout of the webpage before I try to understand the message that the website is trying to convey. In many cases, I am even not bothered to decipher the webpage if it is too confusing for me, since I consider the moments when I am browsing to be leisure times, and thus, are not willing to contribute too many efforts into “grab ahold” of what the author is trying to get across.

Therefore, I consider the form of a website should surpass its function when they are compared together on a level of importance.

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