New School vs Old School – Battle of Search Console.

Is google having second thoughts on there updated new search console tools?

The new legacy tools from Google are the new gold standard for the search console, but Google hasn’t replaced the old ones with the Legacy yet. Many people think google is still trying to hash out some of the problems that their newest tools have, so they even letting people use the old one.

The reasons could be various, as we see on this site that pretty much give us a side by side comparison of what the old tools are doing and what the new tools are doing.

As we have seen in the link above, there are some new tools that Google has implemented in the legacy section, one new device is “robots.txt Tester” this tool helps with seeing if your robots.txt is working and instead if it block the URL that was given. Another helpful tool is the URL Parameters Tool is excellent at telling Google about any particular parameters you are using on your page.

In this short article, it’s telling you about the new features in the legacy tools and report it is all about.

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