Form Over Function?

Now with everything going on in the world, online shopping has become even more popular than it already was. It’s all because of the form and the function of the website that attracts its customers. The homepage needs to grasp the attention of the user and the website needs to be easy to navigate to keep them coming back.

The form of the website is the setup, it’s what you see first and attracts you to stay on the site. For example, with Target’s homepage, it is all white background with a featured photo of a dorm room saying “You’ve got this” with photos of other dorm room accessories under it. The function of the website is how the customers use the website and if it easy for them to navigate. For example, with Target, there is the search bar in the top right corner easy to find along with 4 different tabs that give you an option to browse through.

The consumer should value the form over the function of a website because if the form isn’t grasping the attention of shoppers it’s not going to matter how functional the website is, they won’t take the time to use it.

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