Form Over Function

When shopping online, the customer’s eyes go directly to the search bar, or what flags their attention the most when opening the webpage. For some shoppers, they may have an item in mind they want to search, while others would rather browse through the “new arrivals” or “best sellers.” The function of the website depends on the form because if the website isn’t easy to navigate, then the function has no purpose.

The form of the website is what you see first. In other words, the appearance and setup of the webpage. For example, when going onto the Nike webpage, the first thing you see is the giant photo in the center with the slogan, “Let’s Get Loud.” In other words, a new line of shoes or clothes that they have came out with and flagging the shoppers attention right away. In the top right corner is the search bar for the customers who know what they want. Without the appearance and strategic setup of this webpage, the websites function wouldn’t even matter.

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