Is Email Marketing Dead in Today’s Society?

We all know what it’s like to open our email and see thousands of ads waiting for us to open them. Do you actually read any of them? Probably not, you just mark them as read and look for your important ones.

How to Switch Email Services Easily & Keep All Your Mails, Contacts -  SiliconANGLE

How SEO, PPC, and Display Ads are keeping Email alive.

But after reading this week’s chapter and watching the video is it really dead? Not even close, today’s marketers have taken SEO, PPC, and Display ads and used them to help email campaigns stay alive. From the Stukent Expert session with Larry Kim, he discusses how marketers can create an email-based PPC. This is when a marketer creates an email-list for there custom ad audience. Doing this increases the chances of engagement and clicks per ad. By being able to create a custom audience email-list you are able to get the right information to the right kind of customer, allowing the information to spread faster. Marketers also have the technology now to be able to use original ad content and be able to switch it to an email ad format. This is easier for marketers because they don’t have to create 5 different ad formats for the same ad.

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