How Behavior Reports Can Help You Gain Insight On Your Consumers

Site Search and Event Tracking

Have you ever wondered what your consumers search for on your website? With Google Analytics there is a feature called Site Search that will create a report that has a lot of different search metrics. Including: terms frequently searched on your site, amount of time spent per search, and number of page views. This is important for you because it means that you can make it easier for your consumers to find what they are looking for quicker. Another great feature is Event Tracking which allows you to track specific actions on your site. An example that Shane Barker uses is, if you were to put up a video on your site you would be able to track how many times that video was played. Why is this useful to you? Seeing how many people are interested in this video would allow you to determine if you should continue sharing content similar to this or stop and post different types content that your visitors will enjoy more.

Content Grouping and Experiments

For any business, Content Grouping is one of the most valuable features on Google Analytics. This feature will allow you to see what pages and sub categories on these pages are performing the best on your site in terms of revenue, time spent on the page, and views. As a business, of course you want to increase your overall sales and this feature will help you to do so. You will be able to see what pages are generating the most revenue and how you can drive traffic to them. Additionally, with business it is essential to “shake things up” every once in awhile, especially on your website. The Experiment feature allows you to do this by having you create different versions of your landing pages. From there, Google Analytics will send them to sample groups of your consumers to see which new page gets the highest amount of conversions. Selecting the new landing page that has the highest amount of conversions will help you to increase your overall sales and website performance.

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