What Made me Click Through for Scheels?

Taking Advantage

Having understood this concept for some time now, I have tried to take advantage of it as much as possible. Typically I will add items to my cart that I want or may need in the near future and I let it sit in my cart (especially amazon). Doing this tells them that I want to buy this item, but I am hesitant. This is when they start throwing a special coupon or a certain percentage off the cost.

Taking Action

Over the summer I really wanted a volleyball net, as my season got cut short and wanted to play as much as I could while home. The first place I went to look for one was amazon where I found a lot of options but they all seemed pricey and a lot were out of stock. I had one that was out of stock sitting in my cart for almost a week when I got an ad from Target, Dick’s sporting goods, and Scheels. After looking at the deals it was clear the best one was at Scheels as it was the best quality and the cheapest option. I had never heard of this company before this ad, so I was very skeptical on clicking, but I really wanted this net for that price so I clicked on it to check the website out.

Becoming Loyal

After everything checking out, I went online and searched if the company Scheels was legit as it seemed almost too good to be true. Everyone was saying great things and how it was an employee ran company trying to satisfy as many people, taking business away from the big corporations. I decided to give them a try and I will continue shopping from Scheels as they have many great deals on sporting equipment.

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