Improving Your Strategy With Marketing Automation

What It Can Do For Your Business Let’s be honest all of us could use more time during the day, especially when we are working. Using marketing automation will help you to save time at work. How? Alyssa Rimmer describes in her blog that marketing automation software is designed to help prioritize and execute your […]

Selecting The Best Attribution Model For Your Business

What Is It? An attribution model determines how your sales and conversions are tracked within your conversation paths. In simpler terms, google uses this model to give “credit” to a source of user interaction such as a blog post or email campaign. What does this do for you? This report will allow you to see […]

How Behavior Reports Can Help You Gain Insight On Your Consumers

Site Search and Event Tracking Have you ever wondered what your consumers search for on your website? With Google Analytics there is a feature called Site Search that will create a report that has a lot of different search metrics. Including: terms frequently searched on your site, amount of time spent per search, and number […]