Improving Your Strategy With Marketing Automation

What It Can Do For Your Business Let’s be honest all of us could use more time during the day, especially when we are working. Using marketing automation will help you to save time at work. How? Alyssa Rimmer describes in her blog that marketing automation software is designed to help prioritize and execute your […]

How To Gain More Traffic On Your Site

The Power Of Targeting Having trouble getting visitors to come back to your site? This is a problem a lot of businesses have which is why Google Analytics introduced audience targeting. This report allows you to create an “audience” on your consumer’s interests which is based on their previous visits. You are able to send […]

How Behavior Reports Can Help You Gain Insight On Your Consumers

Site Search and Event Tracking Have you ever wondered what your consumers search for on your website? With Google Analytics there is a feature called Site Search that will create a report that has a lot of different search metrics. Including: terms frequently searched on your site, amount of time spent per search, and number […]

SEO Tools For Ranking

Reflections on Last Semester

I really enjoyed taking Digital Marketing last semester! I felt like it was the first ‘hands on’ experience I had at Nazareth with tools that I will actually use in my career. It got me to think more about the possibility of working in the digital marketing analytics field. Goals for This Semester This semester […]

The Effectiveness of E-Commerce Reports

Why You Should Use It If you haven’t heard of E-Commerce tracking before then this is a great place to start. Google Analytics offers a great E-Commerce reporting system that allows you to analyze purchasing activity on your website or app. In addition, to this activity you are able to see what products are selling […]

Selecting The Best Attribution Model For Your Business

What Is It? An attribution model determines how your sales and conversions are tracked within your conversation paths. In simpler terms, google uses this model to give “credit” to a source of user interaction such as a blog post or email campaign. What does this do for you? This report will allow you to see […]

Are Audience Reports Worth Using?

Important Features Within these reports you are able to gain valuable insights on demographics of your users. This includes gender, age, language, location, etc. Additionally, you are able to track behavior of your users such as time spent on your site, frequency of visits, and clicks. Most importantly you are able to see the path […]

How The Search Console Changed

The Old Console While the old console did not provide as many months of data as the new console, there are some great features that were included. One example is the HTML status report that showed what needed to be fixed in order for Google bots to “crawl” the site more effectively. This allowed for […]