How Does Lead Scoring Help Sales?

What Is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a system that gives you a score based on how good a lead is that you find for your business. These leads are anything that helps your business obtain potential customers. A couple examples are if you get someones information, or how they have engaged with your business on your website. Based upon how much someone uses your website, lead scoring allows your business to determine who they should be targeting for potential customers.

What Is the Most Important Aspect?

When looking at lead scoring, there are many points within the customer journey that are important. Arguably, the most important thing to look at when lead scoring is online behavior. As a business, looking at how potential customers interact with your website can tell you how interested they are in your products. If a person is just looking at your site, and doesn’t really go to high-value pages, then they will receive a lower lead score. In contrast, if you see a person who has looked at several offers or who has visited pricing pages, then they will receive a higher score. Looking at these analytics allows you to easily determine who you should spend your time tracking. Although online behavior is very important to look at, you should be talking to your sales team, customers, and view analytics to determine what works best for your business.

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