How to Sort Through Sales Leads to Find the Most Valuable Ones for Your Business?

Are you struggling to sort through all of the leads that you work so hard to get through both outbound and inbound marketing tactics? Well, you have come to the right place because I will discuss ways that you can more effectively sort through your leads by assigning certain attributes a score based on how likely that attribute will convert your leads into customers, to help you feel less stressed, and generate more valuable business for you!

Running a business can be tough and time-consuming, so finding ways on how to improve your business process to focus your attention on what’s most important, like quality leads, will help you engage with the customers that show the most interest in your product/service. The leads that show the most engagement are the leads that are more likely to convert to customers compared to those that do not.

Try Lead Scoring!

Lead scoring is very valuable to any business, and assigning scores to different data and points along a customer’s journey will be key to engaging with the leads that are most likely to convert.

What Kinds of Data Can I Analyze to Help Me Score Leads?

  • Demographic Data (I will discuss in more depth)
  • Company Data
  • Online Behavior
  • Social Engagement (I will discuss in more depth)
  • Email Engagement
  • Spam Detection

Analyzing Demographic Information:

Sorting through something as simple as demographic data that you collected from a form that a customer filled out on your site or even through email, can tell you a lot about which leads you should be engaging more than others, or not at all. For example, if you are a local bakery selling cookies to only local people and businesses, then when examining the customer feedback that you receive, you will prioritize the local leads over those that are not local, and local may mean within a 40-mile radius of your business. So when thinking about scoring these leads, you would apply a higher score to the leads that fit the area that you are looking to conduct business in and apply a lower score to the leads that indicated areas outside of where you do business.

Analyzing Social Engagement:

Another way that you can sort through leads is by looking at how they have engaged with your social media. Let’s say that you have an Instagram for your local bakery, and you make a post about a new flavored cookie and an Instagram Story about it where the user can swipe up and access your website for more information. Now let’s say that you are looking at two leads and are unsure about which one is more likely to convert and worth your time. Oh, I have an idea, you can look at their engagement with your social media! Let’s say, lead number one liked your post and tagged a friend in the comments. Later, they looked at your story and clicked on it to access your site for more information. While lead number two viewed your story, and scrolled by your post, but did not engage. So when lead scoring, you would give a higher score to lead number one as they were more engaged with the content that you posted, which indicates higher interest, and a higher chance of converting compared to lead number two.

Where Can I Get More Insights From?

For deeper insight, you can go directly to your sales team or customers that have already been sold to, and ask about their experience and opinion on what best helped close the sale. This information is valuable as both groups may indicate the same information or even different information that is very important to note. The sales team could say that when they send out an email with offers and details about whatever product/service the company is selling, they get the most responses that turn into conversions. When asking a customer, they may mention that the same email intrigued them to come in, look for more information, and buy. So based on this feedback, you would assign a higher score to this email compared to other ones as it helps convert more leads into customers.

Now, there is so much more that you can learn about lead scoring as I have only addressed some of the methods. To learn more about how you can obtain quality leads with higher conversion rates, check out the resources that I have attached below.

Additional Resources:

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