Following In Starbucks’ Footsteps

Starbucks’ #WhatsYourName campaign changed the storytelling game back in February of 2020.

Starbucks’ marketing strategy was combined with video advertising and social media marketing to reach its audience. This LGBTQ campaign focused on Starbucks’ desire to be inclusive toward people of all genders, by honoring and acknowledging their chosen names, and how they identify. 

The campaign builds on the famous Starbucks experience. When you go to Starbucks, consumers feel a personal connection to the workers when your name is written on the side of your cup. Starbucks proved that they will continue to keep consumers feeling the trust they feel by committing to respect the names that customers and consumers want to be called.

Wegmans is known to have the hearts of many Upstate New York shoppers, but their consumers don’t trust Wegmans the same way people trust Starbucks.

For digital marketing class, our team (3) is working on a LGBTQ social good campaign where we create reusable grocery bags for Wegmans. Every bag sold will help someone in need in the LGBTQ homeless youth community. If we want to gain consumer trust like Starbucks’ did we should definitely follow their storytelling strategies. Before creating these advertisements we were thinking of using the hashtag, #SpreadTheLOVE.

Example one of one of our LGBTQ bags designed by me.

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