How The Search Console Changed

The Old Console

While the old console did not provide as many months of data as the new console, there are some great features that were included. One example is the HTML status report that showed what needed to be fixed in order for Google bots to “crawl” the site more effectively. This allowed for Google to suggest improvements and help fix mistakes made by the user. Additionally, the old console had a feature called the data highlighter tool which allowed users to copy data from similarly coded pages so the user did not have to recode every new page. A third important feature from the old console is the security issues report, this showed how any issues on your site can affect your site showing up in Google Search results.

The New Console

One of the main new features that Google has rolled out in the new console is the search performance report which allows users to see how many clicks, impressions, average ranking, etc. their site has. Also, there is another new feature called index coverage which alerts users when there is an indexing error on their site. In the article, “What The New Google Search Console Means For Search Marketers” by Jayson DeMers, he describes how this feature can help you find the problem faster and fix it immediately. The author also mentions that google gives you diagnostic tools that help you understand why the issue occurred and how to prevent it in the future. Another notable difference in the new search console is the accelerated mobile page status (AMP). With the majority of the world using mobile devices the AMP status gives developers an insight look on how their site is showing up on these devices and what needs to be fixed.

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