New and Improving Search Console

What’s New?

The new search console is a cleaned up version of the old search console. Although it provides more information then the old console it is easier to navigate and allows users to find the most important information they need. According to “New Google Search Console design and user interface: here’s what changed and which reports are most useful” Alex Veda says, “more insights into how you can improve your website (both in Google’s eyes and for your human visitors).” This gives them the benefit of being indexed high for google along with having a well put together sight. Being able to efficiently work toward this will only benefit your site in the long wrong.
One of the most insightful choices they made was to allow performance data for 16 months prior which is important and makes it easier for users to see any patterns that may occur throughout certain times of the year. And allows you to see improvements on a bigger level. Another change is that you can track and monitor re crawls on pages that you have fixed issues on. This is important for users of the console to be more productive and be able to track the issues on their site and make sure they are continually performing how they want.

What is missing?

One of the few things that that the new console doesn’t support is that you can only test a sitemap when it is submitted, unlike in the old sitemaps you could test without submitting it.

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