How many cookies could the cookie monster eat; if the cookie monster could eat cookies?

Do these images look familiar? If so, you have previous experience with ‘cookie data’. As you can see, the consumer must allow or grant the company to have access to this data. With that being said, as long as there is consent from the consumer it is ethical for digital marketing professionals to have access […]

The Ultimate Guide: Self-Promoting

In a modern day world where almost every corporation, no matter how small has an online presence; it is critical that efforts are made in order to differentiate yourself from saturated social media platforms. Keeping that in mind, I find it to be beneficial and even critical for a company to ‘Self-Promote’. It could be […]

Email Marketing = a thing of the passed. YAY or NAY?

Does it Pay to Win?

When trying to differentiate yourself from the competition, there are a multitude of techniques that can be implemented. Often times, this can become fairly costly. The question is, does it need to be? There is no simple answer. You could spend as little as $50.00 & see better results than spending no money at all. […]

Get the Most BUZZ for Your Buck!

Picture this, it’s a Sunday afternoon. As you’re sitting on the couch enjoying what you have left of the weekend, you decide to visit Google in order to find a new salon, new shoes, or whatever your heart desires. The thing is, chances are; you will find your answer right on the first page. Specifically, […]

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