How to Gain Authority with the Help from Behavior Reports

About the article

I read the article “How to Build Brand Authority with Content Marketing”. The author looked into the importance of the content a company focuses on and how one can use this content to gain authority. Authority is something every company should be striving for when it comes to their site and content. The more authority means the more impressions, clicks and trust you are going to get over competitors. The author’s advice included answering the audience’s questions as a simple way to gain authority. Not only does it help build authority but it allows you to “position yourself as an expert for those who don’t already know you.” People want to know that your content is accurate and can help them in some way. Her next advice was to create newsworthy reports and studies. If you want to become a trusted and important site in people’s minds you’ll need to intrigue them. This content also provides visuals and tells stories to consumers that help them to get more out of the information you are providing. The third idea was to utilize the authority of in house experts. It makes sense to use the authority you already have from someone within your company to build trust and authority to your company as a whole. Next way to help is to highlight reviews, case studies, and other proof of expertise. You can rely on other trustworthy sources to provide you some good light. The last two pieces of advice the author gave was to associate with other authoritative brands and give away some of your secrets to gain trust and credibility.

How to integrate Behavior reports

I believe integrating these behavior reports we have can be super beneficial in helping achieve these goals. For example, in order to gain trust and give the consumers what they are looking for on your site, it is crucial to use the behavior reports we have to create target audiences. With these target audiences and information about what they are searching for, we can best reach out to them and capture their interest. This coincides with authority as you first need to get these audiences to the site before you can build their trust that they are in the right place. It all starts with the search and behavior reports to optimize those searches. In talking about the content to put on your site, the article states, “The key is identifying which ones make sense to highlight for your products or services, and figuring out the best placement for them.” We can better do this using our behavior reports to know what content makes the most sense to highlight.

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