How Behavior Reports affect Content Strategy


Creating awareness for your brand is always needed and can be intimidating but a good way to get started is creating your ideas and pitch with research and then running it be writers to see where you stand. Amanda Milligan walks us through a real pitch email.

Anatomy of a Perfect Pitch Email

Amanda is the Marketing Director at Fractl. She gives us insight into how we develop connections online and what we should get them to focus on and takeaway from your email. The picture above gives a great layout for how to get the most out of an email and is a template to get where you want to go and what is popular with the audience. Content strategy can make or break you and if you’re using email it needs to be used the correct way like Amanda says so that you see results.

The Content

“This is just one piece of a greater puzzle. Your content has to be fantastic, because, as I say, no fantastic pitch can salvage a terrible project.” (Milligan, 22) Your content has to be the best it possibly can and taking the time to make sure what you’re doing is going to drive people to your website, knowing what will and won’t work is the key to attracting people and keeping them invested in you.

“We surveyed 500 publishers last year, in 2019, depending on when you’re listening to this, and they said that their number one pet peeve is being pitched content that does not match their niche.” (Milligan 24) Pitching people the wrong content can be devastating to your mission, it clearly gets on people nerves and it is a waste of time and effort. Discouraging people rather than bringing them in is the opposite of what any company wants and if the pitch you’re giving out isn’t what it should be then this is the result.

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