How Visit Destination Goals can Impact your Company

What are Visit Duration Goals?

When you first start to use Google Analytics for your company, it can show you a great deal of information, such as the amount of viewers, the demographic of the viewers, and what those viewers like to do. It also can allow you to set goals for your website and its pages based on what the creator would like to track. One goal in particular that Google Analytics tracks is the visit duration goal. This goal allows the creator to see how many people are on the site for a certain amount of time. It can also be modified to only convert if the user stays on the webpage for a certain amount of time. To activate the goal you need to add a goal on Google Analytics. Then you must select whether you want the goal duration to be greater or less than a certain amount of minutes. If your website is content based then choosing greater than is more advantageous, meanwhile if your website is a service website then the less than option is a better choice. Then after you insert the amount of minutes/seconds, press save and the goal is now saved.

How Visit Duration Goals Can Impact your Company

Take for example a small content based website, like the one you are reading this blog on right now. They would be greatly impacted by being able to set a goal on the duration of the website views by each user. The longer the website view the more intrigued the visitor was with the content of the website. If the goal for this site, which would be “greater than” a certain amount of minutes was not met then we could conclude that the content wasn’t intriguing enough for the user. If the goal was met than we could conclude that it was interesting the the user in terms of screen time and we could continue to produce this type of content.

An interesting article on all four goal types is linked below!

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