The Benefits of Visit Duration Goals

What exactly are visit duration goals

Although it is pretty simple, visit duration goals can be very beneficial. Google Analytics shows a number of things about viewers such as demographics and amounts. Visual duration goals track how many people stay on a website for a certain amount of time. You can also set goals to track every visit that’s below a specific amount of time. One of the best benefits of this is that it helps websites answers customers questions as fast as possible. To set this up, it is necessary to set a goal on google analytics. After this you have to set the goal to be less or greater then a specific number of minutes. If you have a service based website then less minutes is a better choice because this means your website is helpful. For a content based site, longer is better, because that would mean people are enjoying youre content. After this just hit save, and you are good to go.

How these goals can benefit you’re company.

Setting these goals can be very beneficial to a company. These can greatly impact smaller companies. Say there service based, they would want a shorter visit duration. When they set their goals they are able to see exactly how long they are viewed for. If this companies website has long visual duration, it would help them realize the site needs some adjustment. This would tell them that their site isn’t necessarily easy to navigate and they had trouble finding what they were looking for. This could really help a company when determine what is the best options for their site.

If you are interested in learning about Google Analytic Goals, please read more below.

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