Segmenting AllBirds’ Audience

Breaking out into two segments Segmenting an audience is an important step to reaching your market. Having segmented audiences helps to not have too broad of an approach to the marketing. For example, AllBirds is a company that sells shoes. There are countless companies that sell shoes so it is easy to be lost in […]

The Importance of Tag Manager

Why bother with tags? Knowing what is happening on your website is very important. Without the knowledge on how people interact with your content it will be difficult to make decisions. Tags give you the chance to track certain events happening on the site. These tags could include scrolling, clicking, or watching a video. Expending […]

Using SEO and PPC to Grow

Is One Method Better Than the Other? One of the most important aspects of brand growth is good marketing. There are two different types of ways to market a business, by paying for ads and relying on organic search. One is not necessarily better than the other but rather useful in different ways. By using […]

Connecting with your Audience

Finding Audience Affinity Finding a target audience is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Flashy websites and designs are all important, but if no one can find it or the people who do see it don’t care, then it’s pointless. Audience affinity should always be the forefront of advertisers minds in order […]