A/B Testing Hypothesis

What is A/B Testing?

An A/B test involves an experiment where you change one part of your website, and see if it creates a desired outcome. This can include adding pictures, renaming headings, or reorganizing your website layout (etc) with the hopes of increasing traffic, increasing user interaction or other goals of your website. Variant A is the original, and then any variant after that is what you manipulate to your website. A/B testing is useful when trying to decide which component of your website is most effective at reaching your goal. These small experiments help to show strong correlations between what is the driving factor for user interaction on your website. It is important to first identify a problem with your website. Then develop a hypothesis for what you can manipulate to fix the problem. And lastly, analyze if your manipulation was effective. 

My Hypothesis for Naz Music Department

I would like to create a hypothesis regarding the music department’s website for Nazareth. I think we could increase clicks on the website if there were more videos of performances at the top of the page. Many of the performances are linked at the bottom of the page and are hyperlinked into a text format. Moving videos to the top of the page could allow for greater visibility. More people would interact with the website and click to view other pages. Using Google Optimize, I could alter the look of the website and analyze if this alteration was effective. If there was an increase in the amount of clicks to the video, then I would know that my variant worked.


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