Is A Company Being Proactive or Defensive? You Decide

by: Makalah Sizer

Sooner or later every company is going to receive reviews for their products and services. They hope for a positive review, but every now and again there will be negative reviews. However the state of the reply is important, is the company being proactive and helping the consumer or defensive and trying to cover its tracks?

What’s the Difference?

A proactive response is when companies already have procedures put in place to respond to criticism or negative reviews. They know who to send certain messages to and are well prepared.

In comparison to a defensive response where companies shoot back a quick response, trying to save themselves without appearing to have done much wrong.

Johnson Baby

My team and I chose to do our social good campaign around the Johnson Baby brand. So I decided to look at some of their reviews, and comment sections to see which type of responses they give.

The first is its positive reviews.

Johnson Baby tends to respond to its positive comments.

Johnson’s baby almost always responds to its positive reviews with a heart or a kind word of some sort. They rarely never ignore these comments.

Next are negative reviews.

Johnson’s Baby products have been under scrutiny in the past. They have been accused of having cancer-causing products. These two negative reviews didn’t get a response from Johnson’s Baby. But was this the right thing to do?

However, in this negative review, they were quick to send a message trying to help solve this problem.

It’s important when brands are receiving negative comments to be timeless, so respond quickly, be transparent in the response, so the consumer feels as though they are being listened to and heard.

Overall brands should strive to be proactive rather than defensive when responding to their consumer’s reviews. It only makes their customer service look better, and it will make customers want to come back.

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