Is Email Marketing Dying?

by: Makalah Sizer Emailing has been around for the past five decades. Companies use our email address’s to get out different information. Whether it’s advertising a new product, or sending a coupon, or giving you information on your latest purchase. However, often consumers feel bombarded with emailing resulting in a lot of messages going to […]

How You Caught My Eye

by: Makalah Sizer Catching the consumer’s eye is the first job of advertisers. There has to be some wow factor to their ad that gets the consumer’s attention. Whether it’s something flashy that literally catches their eye, or a cool design, or theme. As a consumer, it’s pretty often that I interact with digital ads. […]

To Spend or Not to Spend

By: Makalah Sizer Should small companies spend from their small-scale budget to compete against big companies for the top ads? The Answer is NO After watching John Gagnon’s video it seems like there’s no point in small business’s to try and compete with larger companies over top ad space. Obviously creating ads is important and […]