Capturing Variables with Tags

This video is an introduction to what Google Tag Manager is and its importance

It is extremely important for a website owner to know what is going on throughout their site. One way to do this is by implementing tags into the pages. These tags let you see how far users scroll on the page, how long they are on the page and what they click on. They also show if people look at images or watch videos. All this helps companies find ways to keep users on their sites longer with the hopes of pushing them from the “add to cart” stage to the “checkout” stage.

What Should We Tag?

Before we really start using tag manager we have to know what we should be tagging. First, any tags should be related to goals that we want to achieve with our site. For example, if the goal of this website was to have users watch the video above, we would have an event tag to see when the video was watched. Also, it is much better to have specific tags. They provide much more insight as to how users are moving about the site. Overall tagging is a very important part of analytics and can be very beneficial to site owners.

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