Creating Goals

About Goals

Goals can be set through google analytics to create objectives one wants to focus on. their are many goals one can set through google analytics. These goals are set to help your website reach the amount of views, time duration, etc. to achieve these goals through analytics. According to Neil Patel their are four main goals to focus on. URL destination goals, visit duration goals, page/visit goals and event goals. For more information on what goals are and how they help click the link below.

Page/Visit Goals

This goal tracks how many people visit your page and the pages they used to get to your site. This goal helps you figure out which people were on certain sites before reaching yours. This feature allows you to target the incoming sites to increase your ads on certain sites to allow maximum amount of tracking to lead to your site. You can establish a certain amount of sites for your goals and contribute by adding greater than, equal to or less than. For information on the other three goals check out the link below.

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