Is Email Marketing Truly Dead?

The Death of Email Marketing

Email Marketing used to be a prosperous way to get information out to many people with no problem. Nowadays people are getting hundreds of emails from different companies a day, and it gets overwhelming. This has started the process of email rollups allowing people who receive large amounts of email from the same sender to have them all put into one big email. The CTR has been steadily declining almost every quarter between 2006-2014 (based on video) showing that email is slowly starting to die out. Along with this there has been staggering email regulation complications. People based marketing has been taking over in some sense when trying to figure out who to email. I know that personally email marketing has become very annoying as I continue to get the same or very similar emails that I don’t care about. This isn’t only Nazareth as they have been very bad in the past but many retailers abuse email marketing, making email seem less relevant.

The Importance of Email Marketing for a Business

Email Database

Email marketing has served many retailers well as it gives them a connection to their consumers. Typically when someone signs up or makes a purchase online they need to put an email in, to ensure confirmation. This gets put into a database so that the retailer can specially make an email targeted towards the type of consumer you are. This could be based on past purchases or what you viewed on throughout the site. This allows retailers to create custom tailored audiences which increases sales. Email marketing is still the leader for the generation channel. This is mainly because everyone is on email and it is so easy to access for everyone. I don’t think that email is dead in the slightest as everyone uses it still as a great communication device. Until that changes email will continue to be a great way for email marketers to connect and market.

The Importance of Email Marketing by 2020 for Small Businesses

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