How Has Email Marketing Survived?

“Email Marketing is Dead”

Heard throughout the marking world, this statement is believed and preached. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although many believe technology advancements have led to the downfall of email, it has just taken a new path. To understand these changes, emails must be seen in the correct context for today’s technology. The developments in SEO, PPC, and Display ads have helped marketing emails continue to thrive.

Developments in SEO, PPC, and Display ads Help Emails?

Many believe that with how high tech these three aspects of marketing have become, email marketing has become obsolete. This is far from the truth, however. Today, marketers have found a way to take advantage of these developments and roll them into their email campaigns. For example, as Larry Kim explains in his Stukent Expert session, marketers can now create email-based PPC. This is when marketers upload email lists to create custom ad audiences, which is useful because marketers can now more easily market to their current audience. This increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion. Specific mailing lists can also be made with these advancements. This is important because when the right information reaches the correct audience, it spreads faster. Marketers can now also move content that would originally be within an email into ad format. Combining the new technologies with the old allows marketers to avoid user disengagement.

Some of the most common reasons users do not interact with emails

Why Should Marketers Care?

What makes email campaigns attractive today is that marketers have the opportunity to generate 10x the engagement at 1/10th the cost. After all, emails still do lead to the majority of leads today for companies in any industry. In recent years, email has been written off by many because of how hard it is to gain users’ attention compared to other marketing tactics. Also, the new span filters on emails make it difficult to reach an audience before hitting the spam folder. However, if marketers get creative and find ways to incorporate the concepts SEO, PPC, and Display ads, they can be effective in many different forms of marketing, while also sticking to their guns with emailing.

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