Your online business needs site tags.

Site Tags?

That’s right a site tag. Google tag manager is a google offered feature that allows website and mobile app creators to track activity that happens on their website. Yes google analytics also offers that kind of information but this lets the creator get more precise and detailed. Once you download and activate the tag manager, the tag can be placed anywhere on the site. Once that tag is triggered, it triggers google tag manager and allows you to ship your data to the analytics site of your choosing (probably wanna stick with google though since this is a google offered service). From there you can view the data and use it to help build your business.

Still don’t understand? Here’s an example!

Let’s say that I own an online candle shop, you heard me candle shop. I wanna know how many times people add things to their cart but don’t actually purchase them. So I set up a tag on the add to cart button. Every time someone then clicks it, adding something to their cart, BAM, the data ships off to my google analytics document and I can use that data to see how I can get more people to purchase my candles. I can also set up a tag for how many times people click finish purchase! That way I can see who actually goes through with it. Wish lists are another popular feature a lot of people have on their websites now a days. I can tag the wish list button to see what people are loving right now and how I can turn that love into some cash $$$.

Growth in a business

Everyone wants to become a successful business. Feedback is useful in all shapes and forms, this just happens to be a more detailed feedback. Just small things like this is what you can do to make your business more successful. You have to make changes that will attract people and benefit the people, not just based on your gut feeling. People always say numbers don’t lie, well here ya go!

Here is a short video on how to use google tag manager, specifically button clicks (AKA add to cart)

Here is a longer video that also discusses the use of google analytics in hand with google tag manager.

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