Is it Ethical to Track User Data?

Is it “ethical” to track your users behavior when they visit your website? While technology today makes things very easy to do from your own phone, you also leave a footprint of everywhere you went to get to that page. Companies are able to see what pages you were on before arriving to theirs. This allows them to gather more information on you as a customer.

Why Would They Want Your Data?

Digital marketing professionals find your “digital footprint” to be important for business. They are able to cater your ads to things that you may like. They can see your location, age, what you like to look at on the internet etc. For most businesses, this is how they share new things with their customers based on what they might like. In addition, it keeps the company on their toes so they are in the loop with what is popular today. This is where some users worry about their privacy and whether or not this is ethical.

Is This Ethical or Unethical?

Users today are concerned about their privacy and safety on the web. It is understandable that some may be uncomfortable with the fact that websites can view their location and interests. When it comes down to whether or not this is ethical, it really depends on that the company is like as a whole. If they are a company that people can trust, it is probably ethical that they track your data to guide you towards what you’re looking for. If the website or company looks concerning, you can turn off the cookie data so they are no longer able to track you.

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