Is There a “Back in my day” for Search Console?

So why did Google go halfsies on Search Console tool replacements?

The Legacy tools that have yet to be replaced have a good reason for their age. The Search Console team is currently working on a replacement that makes sense, and therefore Google is keeping the old dogs in action. A lot of the tools that haven’t been subbed out have to do with URL’s, or parameters. There is almost no need to replace some of these, as long as they’re functioning as designed with the new Search Console. A lot of the new reporting tools just make lives easier, condensing processes and speeding up things that used to take more than one step.

There are benefits to each reporting strategy. If you’re going for more general, less invasive reporting, stick to the overview page or performance report. The overview page shows you your page’s health, security issues, errors, or enhancements that you can make. The performance report will show your engagement rates, as far as how many people saw versus clicked your site. You can choose the grouping of your data, which will help people tailor their feedback to their own preferences.

Referencing the Search Console Help page, linked here, users can see side by side comparisons of new and old tools and understand what’s come and gone. For those that are used to the Legacy tools, the Report tools will be a slight adjustment, but overall Search Console will function the same way. It’s not that the old Search Console sucks, or that the new one is Earth shattering, but it’s an adjustment for DMO’s who use these every day.

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