A Successful Social Media Campaign: Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped expands to include your favorite music from the decade,  plus podcaster metrics | TechCrunch

Music is a great way to bring people together. It plays a part in every culture, in religion, in self-expression, and everywhere in between. Because of this, music is a wonderful and very universal way to market a brand. Spotify, a leading music streaming platform has taken this generalized advantage of music in the past and turned it into a great campaign.

Spotify introduced “Spotify Wrapped” in 2017, but the yearly campaign has gained influence as social media becomes more prevalent in society. Come December 2020, one scroll through an Instagram page, and the majority of people’s stories will be their “Spotify Wrapped” graphics. This also provides advertisements for the artists, because their names get extra visibility around the web.

I think the business goal of this promotion is to advertise Spotify. Recently their paid subscriptions have been down and I think this is a good way to re-capture listeners’ attention. By plastering their name, services, and graphics all over social media on both influencer’s pages, artist’s pages, and the general public pages, there is a lot of potential for customer conversion

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