Lead Scoring and its Trail to Business

Lead Scoring is a way to prioritize which leads to follow that will help increase business. By prioritizing which leads to follow, your business can focus on increasing new customers and increasing traffic to your website. There are different ways to “assign points” to score leads and you can do that based on the information you’ve collected about your current customers.

Demographic information are great questions to ask new customers. You can ask them for any demographic to compare with returning customers. Based on that information you can score the customers based on their information. For example new customers found in areas of popular returning customers will be scored higher than those outside of those areas.

Online behavior is also another source of information that is valuable for lead scoring. Seeing where the leads are looking on the page and whether or not they are still interesting in the products and services you have to offer. Based on how frequent they visit may give them a high score and make them a more desirable lead to pursue.

Email and Social engagement are also good ways to gather information. If they want to receive emails from your company or follow you on social networks they are interested in your company again putting them higher on the lead list.

Using the analytics collected on your customers is a good way to find new leads and to score them. So lets talk about calculating them.

Manual scoring starts with calculating the lead to customer conversion rate of all the leads you have gathered (the number of new customers /the number of leads you generate). Then you have you pick and choose what leads are of higher quality and you want to pursue. Those who are more interested in your site or have taken more action on your site are the ones you want to score them higher.

As a customer I feel as though it is really important to input some information so that if companies want to reach out to you and make you into a valuable customer they have that information and suggestions they can make to get you on board. On the other hand though it can feel like an invasion of privacy if they are looking at which pages you stay on. As the business owner you need to decide what information you collected is going to help you to produce the best lead score.


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