Paid and Organic Searches Piggybacking Off of One Another

What’s the Difference Between Organic and Paid Search Data?

The whole point of organic and paid searches is for companies to get more viewers on their webpage. This leads the company to spiral in a positive direction when they are getting as many to view and buy their product as possible. Companies use a combination of paid and organic keyword searches to set themselves apart from competitors that may not be getting as many clicks on their website as much as they would like to.

Why Use Both Organic and Paid Keyword Searches

It is a very useful tactic that companies do by using paid and organic keyword searches. A company that is good at it is Amazon. When you search for something to buy the first thing that may pop up in the Google Search is a paid ad that Amazon is paying for. That way they get to be at the top when people search for something and Amazon pops up right away. If you scroll down you may see even more Amazon stuff that will lead you to their page and those are just organic keyword searches. They have done a tremendous job studying common words people use to look things up and also what their competitors are using for a organic search keyword to make their keywords even better.

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