Victorious campaigning in the digital world

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could share your stellar campaign idea to most people in the world of the internet? There are various ways to maximize your presence threshold by collecting campaign data using custom URLs. The first step to collecting meaningful data is to add parameters to your specific URL, each parameter will be paired with a value that you assign. From there, parameter-value pairs will contain campaign-related information that is vital for the success of your campaign. After this, it is up to you to establish your own unique custom campaign.

Breaking into multiple channels

Before venturing into different mediums of advertising, I want to explain the hierarchy of organization:

  1. An organization represents a company and lets you access your company’s product accounts.
  2. An account is your access point when using Google Analytics. You need at least one account so you can have access to Analytics, and so you can identify the properties you wish to track.
  3. The property is the medium you chose to advertise on, could be a website, app or device.
  4. Last but certainly not least, the view is your access point for reports; a defined view of data from your chosen property.

We have come to an ideal starting point for your marketing campaign. If you want your brand to be seen by millions, you must set custom URL’s and have an understanding of the chain of commands for your website.

For more info to dive deeper into the world of digital campaigning by using custom parameters, I highly recommend checking out the article below for some inspiration

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