Segmenting AllBirds’ Audience

Breaking out into two segments

Segmenting an audience is an important step to reaching your market. Having segmented audiences helps to not have too broad of an approach to the marketing. For example, AllBirds is a company that sells shoes. There are countless companies that sell shoes so it is easy to be lost in the mix. So, AllBirds has a focus on keeping their materials environmentally sustainable. Two potential segments for AllBirds could be a demographic targeting millennials and Gen Z as well as a psychographic targeting nature lovers. By breaking out the market into these segments, it is easier to make a concerted effort to reach the audience.

Communicating with the segments

Now that there are two unique segments, it is important to differentiate tone between the two. For the demographic segment it is important to use relevant platforms and language. Using apps like Instagram or Twitter are good ways of reaching that particular audience. It’s also good to use the same language of that demographic and to be up to date on the nuances of what they say day-to-day. For the nature lover psychographic, using a tone that emphasizes the company’s use of sustainable materials is important. By showing the use of environmentally friendly materials it is more likely that this segment will respond to it. By using the proper tone with these audiences, AllBirds will have a good chance to position themselves as an environmentally friendly product in the market.

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