Gaining Traffic on Your Site is Vital to Success

The Power of Targeting

If your wondering how to bring consumers to your site, go no further, with Google Analytics you are able to use targeting to boost your site traffic. By optimizing targeting, it allows you to choose who is eligible to be in your experiment, and when they are served experiment variations. There are a number of examples of targeting such as Geo targeting, behavior targeting, technology targeting, and audience targeting. These examples of targeting not only group consumers based off of their behavior, geography, demographics, etc. they also help increase your companies site traffic based on the audience targeting, traffic allocations, and rule types. Traffic allocations are two controls included for targeting, they are who and when. Now, you may think these two controls will not help your site traffic, but “who” determines whether a user is eligible to be included in an experiment and when determines when it is appropriate to serve an eligible user with an experiment variation. All of these examples will help increase your sites traffic.

Behavior Targeting

Behavioral targeting is a technique used by advertisers and publishers to utilize a web user’s previous web browsing behavior to customize the types of ads they receive. I find behavior targeting very interesting and very helpful to bring consumers to your site. Behavioral targeting is useful for targeting first time visitors to your site. It allows you to test a new sign-up or registration variant to users who have been to your website. It is a good stepping stone for companies who are new to SEO and also helps to keep your product or service in the mind of consumers.

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