Lead Scoring: a Playground-Style Draft for Your Leads

You’re standing on the blacktop, picking your team. Who can you trust to perform? Who are you confident in to pull the points for your team? Who has done well in the past? That’s how lead scoring works. Except there’s no kickball game, no blacktop, and no sweaty recess kids. Just you, divvying up points to your best performing leads.

Giving numerical points to your leads helps you understand which ones you should focus more on, and the ones that are pulling the most data will stand out. People that you made contact with that became customers will have parallels, so you can analyze those and get a better grip on your target audience.

Similarly, you can look at the contacts that you DIDN’T turn over (sorry, no offense) and see what you can do better. The beauty of analytics is the constant room for improvement, because there’s always something new.

For more details, check out this how-to for lead scoring:


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