Authentic Advertising

How dbrand uses authentic advertising by being blunt?

A relatively small company known for their easy to apply skis for devices such as phones, laptops, and consoles. They choose to embrace their reputation and how the product they sell appears to consumers. They’ll put out advertisements saying the customer should waste their money on them or them selling masks to monetize your face. These would normally offend most customers but fo dbrand they know their consumers and to them this is authentic advertising. From my perspective it works as well when I see the ads I get a kick out of how blunt they are about their products.

Dbrand Authentic Advertising

Why is being Authentic Important for social media?

For most companies its hard to be on social media while also feeling completely transparent to their consumers. For this reason a lot of time you have companies often putting on a fake face on social media or rarely posting anything besides advertisements. This is why having authentic advertising can be important as to not lose your consumers because “you’ve changed”. This is especially the same for bigger companies where they start to lose customer loyalty. As their ads become more and more about the product rather than the customer. The strongest voice for change right now uses social media as a megaphone due to how loud it can be. There just is no limit to how much love or hate social media can generate. The worst part being that there are no rules and its up to people to decide your fate. As the climate of what is right and wrong only gets more confusing it is why to build some brand loyalty. That way you’re not the next company with a target on its back.

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