Evolution of the Search Console, Google that is.

The types of reports Google offers:

In recent years people have flocked to technology as a career choice. Those who make a living off of videos, blog or news article have to worry about things such as views, errors, usage etc. Google has evolved with the increasing popularity, offering a variety of search console reports to meet each persons need. Many of the current search consoles have been developed for SEO’s; people who focus on making their website the top suggestion when googling something. However, there are consoles for just anyone to use. I feel as though google has evolved into a useful tool for anyone to use because they offer a variety of options for companies to analyze what they can be doing better. Everyone wants to be number one because who goes beyond the first page when doing a google search. Google is the most commonly used search engine so why not use their tools to better yourself and your company. The Legacy tools that are discussed at the bottom of the page are like ideas that have yet to be fully developed into something greater that everyone would benefit from. Perhaps the legacy tools are also still around for those who have yet to really get into analyzing their sites. Everyone has to start somewhere and some of the legacy tools are still simple enough that new people can use and understand them before they dive into the full world of analytics. Although they offer great benefit, it is not as useful as some of the tools google has created for today’s world.

The Security Issues Report:

The Security Issues Report is something everyone should use and can use. With the number of hackers out there in the world today, you want to make sure what is yours stays yours. By using this console, you can find bugs, hackers and troubleshoot until your get your site back and running once again. The increase in technology usage has created a need for something like this, hence the evolution of the google console to meet the peoples needs.

The Data Highlighter Tool:

This tool helps to ensure that data such as bus routes, event schedules etc. are being placed in the templates on a site. This is considered to be a legacy tool because most people don’t have to rely on the bus anymore or they can look at an event schedule through their mobile devices rather than online. Nonetheless this tools help to make sure that data is being placed into the right template by extracting the information from google directly.

Google Data Highlighter Tool: Benefits and Drawbacks


To fully understand the benefits of a google console tool, this article lists both benefits and drawbacks. Although this tool is not as current, it still offers a great analyzing tool that can be helpful to everyone and not just SEO’s.

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