Coors Light #CouldUseABeer Ad Campaign

By: Makalah Sizer

Coors Light in the beginning stages of the Coronavirus ran an ad campaign using the hashtag, #CouldUseABeer. This ad was run for a limited time, giving people a free 6-pack of Coors light if they tweeted at Coors Light using the campaign hashtag.

Coors Light ad campaign

My Initial Reaction

From a social media standpoint, this is a really good idea. Giving away free beer in the midst of a pandemic is genius. Everyone’s feeling fatigued and stressed with everything going on. A lot of people are stuck at home sitting on the couch. So giving away free beer is a perfect way to lift some stress off of their consumer’s shoulders.

However, after reading that they gave away 500,000 I am a bit confused as to how they even were able to make a profit. Obviously as a company from time to time you’re going to give away free product. But 500,000 seem’s like a lot, even for a big brand like Coors Light. Although I think the social exposure from the ad may have helped in that aspect. Anyone could have participated, so maybe those who have never had Coors Light might feel intrigued to buy it after receiving their free product.

Goals of the Campaign

Coors Light saw an opportunity and they seized it. Their goal was to get consumers to interact with their company, and they did just that. By sending out 500,000 beers that would mean that they got a very large reach in their campaign, and most likely even more interactions.

By creating this campaign, it lightened the mood for many people during quarantine. Consumers might now have a more positive viewpoint on the brand, and thus converting it to buying more of their products.

Overall, this campaign was very well done, and Coors did a great job using their 15 minutes in the spotlight to do a good, effective social campaign.

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