The Benefits of Visit Duration Goals

What exactly are visit duration goals

Although it is pretty simple, visit duration goals can be very beneficial. Google Analytics shows a number of things about viewers such as demographics and amounts. Visual duration goals track how many people stay on a website for a certain amount of time. You can also set goals to track every visit that’s below a specific amount of time. One of the best benefits of this is that it helps websites answers customers questions as fast as possible. To set this up, it is necessary to set a goal on google analytics. After this you have to set the goal to be less or greater then a specific number of minutes. If you have a service based website then less minutes is a better choice because this means your website is helpful. For a content based site, longer is better, because that would mean people are enjoying youre content. After this just hit save, and you are good to go.

How these goals can benefit you’re company.

Setting these goals can be very beneficial to a company. These can greatly impact smaller companies. Say there service based, they would want a shorter visit duration. When they set their goals they are able to see exactly how long they are viewed for. If this companies website has long visual duration, it would help them realize the site needs some adjustment. This would tell them that their site isn’t necessarily easy to navigate and they had trouble finding what they were looking for. This could really help a company when determine what is the best options for their site.

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SEO and PPC Data Being Combined


Although Google Search console and Google Ads are different applications, they can be brought in to one to help a website. Their data reports can be integrated, which creates a lot of useful data for a website. Both of these are very strong tools to help the success of a website.

Similarites of Google Ads and Search Console

Google search console and Google Ads each do their own thing, but in the end they have a lot of similar data. A very useful example of data that both of these produce is being able to look at search queries. This allows the website owner the opportunity to look at what users are putting into their search engines. When using Ads, this helps show that the advertisements are being shown. Both of these also show data on a lot of similar things such as sessions,clicks, and bounce rate. All of these can be very useful to help promote the success of a website.

How they can be brought together

The data that is collected in Google Ads, can make a big impact on how organic campaigns are approached. Having good organic campaigns make the SEO on your website better. Even if you are paying for a campaign, you can use the data from this to produce a organic campaign. For example, if you are using a certain video and it is getting a lot of clicks in a paid campaign, it wouldn’t hurt the SEO strategy to also use it in a organic campaign. If a paid campaign is ended and similar things are being used, it would now only show up in the organic page.Integrating both of these together is a great use of your resources. Leveraging them off one another can help a website be very successful.

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Creating Hypothesis And Running A/B Testing

Creating a Hypothesis

A hypothesis is created when here is a problem you need solved. When there is an issue on your website, a hypotheses is created to help improve your site. Hypotheses need to be backed up by data in order to make sure it can actually help improve things. This data comes from Google Analytics which gives you multiple options of data. If the data found, doesn’t match the hypothesis, it will need to be changed in order to ensure improvements to the website. Google analytics will show you the certain parts of the website that need to be improved. A very common example that all sites could potentially look at is page scrolling. If a site created a page scrolling hypothesis, they could use the data from Google Analytics, to see how far users are scrolling. This helps determine where information on the site can be put. If theirs a video at the bottom, but people are not scrolling down there, a hypotheses could be created. This hypothesis could simply be, ” Moving the video to the top of the page”. You could use google analytics to determine if this actually worked.

A/B Testing!!

A/B testing is used when trying to see what format is the best fit for you’re website. Tests are set up, so different users see different things. Depending on what percentage is used, different people will see different formats of the website. These tests will test the original (A) and the new (B) and shows a comparison. A certain action needs to be set be tested, but this really helps the website owner determine which format to use. Google gives a step by step outline on how to do this and it is shown below.

  1. Go to your Optimize Account (Main menu > Accounts).
  2. Click on your Container name to get to the Experiments page.
  4. Enter an Experiment name (up to 255 characters).
  5. Enter an Editor page URL (the web page you’d like to test).
  6. Click A/B test.
  7. Click CREATE.

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The correlation between content strategy and behavior reports.

What are behavior reports?

When an orgnazation is trying to expand, they have to fous on certain areas to gorw. When organzation realize content there are obvisouly people that like it, and some that dislike it. This causes orgnzation to look at what customers like, and what they dislike. This is where behavbior reports come into play. This helps cpompanies look at trends as to what customrs prefer. Behaior reports provide insite to alot of site data such as page views, and most viewed URLS and titles. Behavior reports, are what helps create flow models. Flow models are what shows the most popular parts a user uses on the website. This is tracked from any interaction on the wbsite, so it is a good way of tracking wheer users are more likley to go on the site.

Behavior reports in real life

After reading an article by Chad Reid titled, “How to Scale Your Content Marketing: Tips from Our Journey to 100,000 Words a Month, I learned a lot about the quality of content. The article talked about trying to released 100,000 words of content in a month which is a lot. But this company had a reason for wanting to do this. The more content that is released, the more they can learn. This helps them realize what works well and what doesn’t. Using behavior reports would allow them to track positives and negatives based on the flow charts. The more data that is given, the more accurate the results are. A quote from the article stated that, ” One benefit to creating as much content as we have is that we can really see what’s worked and what hasn’t”. This is basically what I have talked about, and how companies can use behavior reports in real life.

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Nike Custom Campaign

“Just Do It”

Nike is one of the most well known brands all throughout the world. They are one of the leaders in the sports apparel and sneaker market, while competing with Adidas and Under Armour. Nike’s logo is the well known “swish”, which is generally known by everyone when it is seen. Nike is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. But this is not how Nike likes to show themselves as. Their trademarked, well known slogan is, “Just do it”. This slogan is known by athletes and people from all over the world. Although their logo is already well known, this slogan sets them apart form their competitors, in a very competitive field. Below is an article that talks about how the slogan came about, and how it has turned into a worldwide success.

Multiple Channel Campaigns

In recent years, Nike has campaigned themselves among multiple different things. One of their more popular campaigns has been the ” Dream Big” campaign surrounding Collin Kaepernick. This campaign targeted a very specific market based on the Kaepernick story. Many people don’t like Kaepernick for his political beliefs, and boycotted Nike because of this. Although there were boycotts, this campaign was considered a success by Nike, has it had a huge push from its targeted market. Nike knew what they were doing with this campaign. They knew Kaepernick has been in the news for multiple years now, and how bringing them together with him could be beneficial. This ad was huge for Nike, and it helped lead to a Kaepernick modeled shoe selling out. If you search Nike on YouTube, one of the first things shown is this ad campaign. Nike had to separate themselves from competitors, and did so with this campaign.


Targeting with custom affinity audiences.

What do custom affinity audiences do?

If you have a website, but are having trouble getting it out there for your target market to see, there are ways you can reach your targeted audiences. One of the most popular ways to do this is to create custom affinity audiences. Custom affinity audiences are something advertisers make to target groups of people that they feel would enjoy or use their products. These advertisers target their audience by using select keywords or phrases, and creating categories that can be used in the website URL. With doing this they can track consumers biggest interests in a variety of ways, to make sure your products reach where they should be. Users can be tracked on websites for periods of 1,7,14,or 28 days,and this is used to track their interests.

The impact custom affinity audiences can make on you’re company.

Custom affinity audiences can make a big impact on you’re company. Being able to see what consumers want and reach out to their expectations is a big advantage that companies can use. Say you’re selling basketball sneakers. You would probably want to advertise on sports websites such as the NBA website and Bleacher report. Not everyone viewing these sites is a basketball player or looking for sneakers, but there is definitely some audience on these sites. But using custom affinity audiences allows keywords to be put in place that can trigger the advertisements to show up.

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The Importance of Google Tag Manager.

What does site tagging do?

Google tag manager does many things that can help you’re business. Site tagging is a great way to see what parts of your website is getting the most notice. With this you can see how long the site is viewed, how far down the site is scrolled, and can track clicks on videos, as well as other things. If a tag is put onto a website, this information can be seen by whoever tags the website. Triggers can be placed on these sites that inform you when certain things happen. Overall this tool is really useful for the success of a website.

How Google Tag Manager can improve your business.

Google tag manager has many features that can help improve a business. After a site is linked to Google Tag Manager, there are a lot of tags that can be set to help see information. It helps website owners see what ares of a site can be improved, or removed. You can see how many clicks each selection of a site has, and there are endless aspects of your site that can be tracked. Another great aspect of this is seeing how long videos have been watched. This allows you to see if people are watching an entire video or just certain parts. Overall Google Tag Manager is a very useful tool that can be very instrumental to a business.

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The Benefits of Old and New Search Consoles.

New search consoles have a lot of benefits for all types of users. They are more advanced, and are more efficient to use. These search consoles are very helpful for search engine optimization as well as developers. These can be very useful for the average person as well, just looking to gain information.

The legacy search consoles do not yet have updated replacement in the search console. Replacements are being worked on but have not yet been implemented. These are used by site owners, and some of tools are more advanced.

I think that the new reports and the legacy reports are both important. They provide website owners with a lot of useful information that help them be successful. With the new reports you can look at performance reports, as well as use URL inspection tools, look at possible security issues, as well as many other things. All these tools combined help build a successful and healthy website. Google is the largest search engine, that is very well know, so sites want to be able to have a strong preference on there. There is a lot of information that can be learned from these tools. Websites can learn about a lot of useful data such as click rate, impressions, and site position. I believe legacy reports haven’t been updated because they are too difficult to update. These tools are generally for advanced users, so they are probably more complex.

In an article from PML, it talks about the benefits of Google search console. Google keeps you up to date about potential errors and issues with you’re website. Google will then send you an message about the issues and it states it could be something ” like a detected hack attack, a malware warning, a manual penalty for bad linking practices or other technical notices which the search engine may send via the Google Search Console”. Google search console is all around a very useful tool for websites. Another benefit is ” App developers can use Google Search Console to add deep linking to their apps (which allows app pages to show up in users’ mobile search results), connect their app with a website, handle crawl errors and more. ” Overall all of these tools can be very useful for a website.


Digital Analytics and its Benefits.

Digital analytics offer a lot of benefits for a organization. A origination rely on digital analytics to understand their customers. Digital analytics allows organizations to understand how to market their products and to get them in the marketplace successfully. In this technological day and age, it is important for organizations to pinpoint certain things customers want, and to market them effectively. Analytics are more important in organizations then ever before.

In this article by KDR it shows the importance on digital analytics. It talks about how social media and digital marketing can help understand what the customers want. Data can help improve and predict future customers wants and needs in the marketplace. Digital analytics is the key for many organizations and the success they have.