Old and New Search Consoles and their Benefits

How the new search consoles work compared to the old search consoles

New and old search consoles, regardless of what they do, are necessary in order to help businesses understand how successful their website is doing. There are several different tools readily available to aid with that process. One of the older tools such as Performance Reports, helps show how many people saw and clicked on a site through google search. While a newer tool such as robots.txt Tester tests the syntax of robot.txt files, and if it will block a given URL. The reason the legacy reports have not been updated may have to do with the fact that the older consoles are still working and, giving adequate assistance to the people using them.

How the new search consoles will help SEOs understand new data.

With all the new Google Search Consoles coming in, many SEOs are having a tough time keeping up with all of them. In this article, all the new consoles are touched on along with how Google will migrate them with old versions. One of the first points touched on is how the performance report will replace the search analytics. However, improvements are believed to be needed which would result in the addition of trending, date comparison, and filtering. This article thoroughly touched on many of the new search consoles to be added and how the will be better than the previous console. They provided a lot of new and helpful information that businesses can now understand and know how to use.


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